Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

Day 41/42

oooh sorry guys, I'm still fighting with my internetconnection and yesterday I just could not catch one of those short timeintervals where it actually works so today is a two day update again.
Not too much to show as far as amount of studies is concerned since I decided to draw another "finished" pencilportrait.
Sooo because I wanted to fuck myself a little bit I decided to draw a portrait with the face basically looking straight towards the viewer and in addition to that in pretty extreme low light conditions which makes it crazy hard to make it look three dimensional. BUT it's really fun :)
The progress is pretty slow though, as large portions of the page are supposed to be extremely dark and it just takes a lot of time to get the tones really smooth, the trick is just to pound on those areas for laaaarge amounts of time so I think I will be drawing this one for at least the next two days or so.
Anyways the longer I do these the more useful I actually find them. Being forced to work on tiny areas like for example an eye for a very long time makes you think about the form and whats actually going on there much more than when you are painting digitally and try to imply a lot of that stuff with simple brushstrokes. Taking a lot of time on those things and getting in there helps me a lot when I get back to painting and try to show all those stuff as simply as possible.
AND just drawing those is fun, producing stuff that is right in front of you in a physical form is awesome, I kinda want to try and go back to oilpainting for my studies as well.
I don't know , I really don't care much about the whole debate of digital vs. traditional mediums and which one of those is harder to do BUT for me at least it seems that whenever I use traditional mediums I tend to work much more carefully and think about literally every brushstroke I put down which translates really well in my digital work, sooooooo I'll keep doing it :)

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  1. Niiice man, really nailing the tones in this, love how the shading is going.

    Can't wait to see it finished!