Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Day 43

oooh helloooou.
Alright, a little break from portraits today (and maybe tomorrow as well)
So basically what this is all about is that I started a new Illustration today and as I was sketching I noticed that nasty comfort zone creep up.
I personally don't really get the whole notion of comfortzone because I think a great part of being a recognizable artist is to kind of have "your thing" you do best and hopefully better than other artists. Basically  there is the term of comfort zone which is in gerneral seen as a bad thing and on the other side the term of specialisation which is often considered to be necessary (which is my opinion as well). Anyways I often notice people throwing those terms around without really thinking too much about it and critizising and judging artists for being to much in their comfort zone without thinking about that it might take a bit more than a handful of paintings to actually wrap your mind around a certain topic
Anyways for me (right now) the nasty comfort zone seems to kick in as soon as you work within the boundaries of your chosen specialisation but you stop trying to develop it, trying to make it "richer" or better.
I kiiind of noticed this today when I started my new Illustration where I would just start sketching and everything felt extremely familiar and comfortable when I threw down design decisions.
And this is where todays studytime went in. Time to expand that visual library, time to take out that nasty copying paper and get some scribbling going.
Now those studies belong to the kind of studies which are not supposed to be good drawings, as a matter of fact one could even argue that for this kind of studies you don't even have to draw at all. The point of them is merely to look closely at the things you want to learn more about and discover and understand new ideas and concepts. In my case I wanted to get deeper int medieval armor, even more specific: upper body parts. I wanted to discover new ways of how that stuff is build, maybe find new shapes and patterns, different kinds of materials and how they are layered, stuff like that. It's all about looking closely on WHAT is actually there not at all about HOW it should be drawn to look nice as a drawing. So all these drawings are are literally visual notes, very simple, very literal and clear.
I did find out some new cool stuff there which I am definitely going to use in my next painting. I might spend tomorrows studytime on another round of those, that stuff's just really useful. After that I'll get back to the pretty girls, waaaaaaay more fun :D

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