Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Day 40

aaah hellouu guys. Sorry for not updating the last two days. Keeping this study schedule up next to personal and commercial work is crazy hard. And while I love doing this and I get more and more motivated to do those studies every day I was also starting to feel extreemely exhausted. SO what I did was to just take two days off to recharge and now I BACK!

So straight to the updates. I finished the pencil portrait (well it has reached the stage where I call it finished :D) I have to say that I actually really like this one. It has been years since I made a real effort to actually finish a pencil drawing and see where I can go with the rendering. So having done this feels really great also the process itself feels awesome too. Just leaning over that sketchbook and going molecular mode on all the subtle stuff that's going on. It brings you into that intense place of extreme concentration which I just love :) So yea, more of that to come for sure.

And to make up for the lack of updates I spent some more time today and painted another digital portrait. This one was really cool because it showed me clearly that the pencils have been paying off. My "aim" when it comes to nailing the proportions is getting MUCH better, I barely had to correct anything proportion wise after my first block in, everything was pretty much there from the beginning, which is a major step up as far as process is concerned compared to the previous ones which included a whole lot of guessing and fiddling around. Lets hope this wasn't just a lucky one :D I'm still keeping these very simplistic, focusing on mthe biiiig stuff and I also really like the esthetic of it, for my taste I honestly already might have overdone it, I could've simplified it quite a bit more.

Yepp that's it, see yeeers :O

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  1. Maan the shading on that potrait looks so nice, geeezz! And the skin tones in the digital portrait as well as the proportions look fantastic, loving it! Keep the good work coming man!