Freitag, 8. November 2013

Day 7

oooh this one is UGLY, SON!

haha basically not too much to say about this one. Same skull different light.
ONe thing I did change however was to loosen up a bit which in turn fucked up thw whole thing. SO while the values and colors are still there I kind of killed it with really ugly brushwork, gotta pay attention to this next time :)
One thing I did learn with this one though (kinda an repeating theme in my stuff :/ ) is to soften my edges in general and stop bein so goddamn heavy handed with this stuff. I feel that that overall hardness of edges is a thing that generally tends to kill my sketches. GOTTA TAKE CARE OF THAAAAAAT!!!

For everyone interested, here is the PSD to this one. pretty much the same as yesterday but I blocked in my lights much looser this time and afterthat merged the layers to finish it.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Tolles Licht :) sehr ökonomisch gearbeitet und damit alles rausgearbeitet was wichtig ist. Fett!!!

  2. heyaaa danke :) jou ökonomie is das gaaaaaaanz große Ding auf das ich mich konzentrieren will. fühlt sich sooo viel langsamer an und ist aber sooo viel schneller im endeffekt :D