Samstag, 9. November 2013

Day.......8? yes 8!

 Helouuuuu! Back to figures  today. Gotta admit that I was not really feeling those today, I think I have done better in some previous ones, maybe because I did my two studyhours in the evening again which I have already noticed is a bad idea, meeh so here you gooo :)

Oh and at the end something I at first wasn't sure about if I should post here but then figured that I should BECAUUUUUUUUUUUSE: Just as important as studying is to actually apply the study to something that's from your imagination and this is what that sketch is all about.
NOW many painters do this many different ways, everybodies brain works differently and one of the most important things when it comes to learning how to paint is to actually find out how YOU learn the best. Many Artists basically redo the exact same study from imagination leaving them with two very similar images that have not too much to do with where they want to actually use the knowledge in the end meaning their Illustrations/conceptart/whatevers. 
A huge downside to this in my opinion is that trying to exactly repaint your study from your imagination does not show you if you have just memorized the shapes which are specific to this one study or if you have actually learned the PRINCIPLES of the subject you've been studying (light, value, color, perspective, whatever you've been focusing on).
SO this is why everytime I do a study I try to check if I have actually learned something by putting it directly into action. What I did was that I tried to check what I got from some of the tings I've learned with my last skull/light study by painting this loose little zombiedude, trying to recreate the light patterns and especially the way the light gets darker as it crosses the face (both, the yellow and the white light), and I dooo think that I got a pretty nice result here to be honest, sure it's still kind of sketchy but the "drama" of the lights reads pretty nicely, which makes me really happy haha :D

In general, I feel like I am learning so goddamn much these last few weeks, drawing and painting literally feels like it used to when I started, everything is kind of new and fresh, I paint the days away without even noticing it, I LOVE iiiiit <3

sou enough rambling here you go, see you tomorrow :)

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