Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Day 6

WAAAAAAAAAAT, no figures todaaay holy crap. Besides Anatomy I also want to focus on fundamentals of light, which this update is dedicated to. I feel that I am still bullshittin a lot of my light, focusing a lot on what I think looks right without being able to back it up with knowledge. Sooooooo time to study that and actually UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND how light works hehe

So yea here we go with a stilllife calue/colorstudy kind of thing. This still looks pretty '"blocky" and unrefined but this is on purpose, I really wanted to focus on the big forms and planechanges and truly understand what's going on there from a light perspective, indentifying every lightsource and tackling it seperately.
I have also uploaded the PSD file for this one so you can see how I was handling all the different lightsources on seperate layers (the numbers stand for the order in which I worked on them).
SO yea while basically all textures and details in structure and rendering are still missing I feel that this is quite a decent representation of the stilllife and a good base to now go in and finish it. the most important thing here is that I managed to cut out a lot of the bullshit and understood a lot of new stuff!
Also the dim light is on purpose, it's just way harder to figure out hehe

Here is the link to the PSD file

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