Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Day 5

here we go again! I donwloaded the rest of the female photosets from in order to switch up the bodytypes a bit.
Again, staying with the longer poses, but still trying to work as effectively as possible, so these are around 10-25 minutes, the one leaned forward pose with the crazy foreshortening in the torso and legs just killed me :D

But yea these are soo much fun to do and I'm getting so much out of it already in my personal work, love it! I neeeed to somehow figure out a way to set up my webcam in order to stream those. A daily studytream would be really fun but I don't want to do these digitally. I'll figure something out!

Ah and by the way, to all you suckers who are ALREADY bored of lame figuredrawings, there will be other stuff as well at some point, also in color and all digital and stuff, be patient mah friend!
that's all for today, seeee ya :)

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