Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Day 4

SO while I only managed to squeeze one hour of studies in today I did actually spend some time to figure out a schedule which will make the 2 hours daily possible. (basically I am just getting up earlier and cutting out time for personal work, so no big revelations there :D )

Since my internet was kind of broked this morning I could not access my little stopwatch thingy so I did not time myself today, which actually turned out to be a great exercise.
Basically the thing I tried to really push here was to unite everything I've been trying to force myself to do in one drawing, meaning trying to really slow down in order to make every line count, really paying attention to not get too caught up in one area but building everything up simultaneously gettin all the proportions down as quickly as possible.
basically what I was doing and what I will continue to do is to treat those like 2 minute gestures in the beginning and after that like 5 minute gestures, to 10 minutes to 15 and so on reaaaaaaaaally building those drawings up until I arrived at something that I considered a decent gestural drawing with some anatomical structure to it.

I think I did achieve some nice things here and there and actually spot myself falling into my bad habits while I was doing them instead of afterwards saying "oh damn I did it again" so that I could break them right away which is AWESOME :)

So it turns out that right now I need around 20 minutes to get to a decent result, now I want to work on beating this time down :)

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