Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Day 19

whooooooooop heyaaa everyone. Here's todays update:
I spent another hour on the figuredrawing and I thiiiiiink I will be done with this one tomorrow, basically everything thats left is checking all the little details and see if I did not miss anything. unfortunately when going this accurate the distortions that naturally happen with photography get painfully obvious, so doing these from ref might ba a cool exercise to really slow down and concentrate but it's not that good for getting the "big picture" correct. the proportions just tend to get really wonky when it comes to detail.

Now to the portrait. I almost don't dare saying it but I am really happy with how this turned out, basically this is everything i wanted out of these. I think I pretty much nailed the process in that one and I feel that it reaaaaaally shows in the result. That one just has a clarity in structure and brushwork to it that I have been going for in these, even the "basic) likeness is there which I totally buchered in the previous ones. The cool thing is also that I was able to convert this directly into my workflow of my personal work wich feels totally awesome :D
So yea I'm at least well on track here I believe, and happy as fuck :D

(oh yea I was so dumb not to plan well enough and couldn'T fit that darn hand on the page .__. )

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