Dienstag, 19. November 2013

Day 18

and here we go again :) as I mentioned yesterday, I want to push one of those figure drawings and really finish it. I don't think I will get into rendering it though, I just want to nail all the structural issues and get into detail with that So right now I'm about 40 minutes in, a looot of erasing and fiddling around going on haha.

I did antother portrait as well and I believe I might be well on track with those. It's interesting how especially getting rid of custom brushes for the rendering process helps me quite a lot. Adding some fancy brushmarks at the end when everything is set up seems to be the way to go.
It's funny though like I don't see this problem when I paint faces from imagination, I think it might be the subconcious urge to stick to "photorealism" when painting from photos. At least that's something I've noticed quite a lot when I do photostudies, it's weird. I need to find a way to attend a lifedrawingclass again.....somehow.
I don't plan to finish those portrait studies more than this one is. I just want to get to the stage where everything is set up and I would normally zoom in and figure out the exact likeness and drawing issues in the details. A big part of all the studies going on here is about establishing an efficient way of working in the beginning and kind of "middle" stages of a painting, as I already mentioned, zooming in and rendering the crap out of something is something that I already can do and I don't necessarily need to study at the moment. That being said  I do need to improve on those layins and especially in the process of painting them quite a bit, 2 hours for a result like this is just way too much haha but yea taking it sloooooooooow :)

two minute warmup

figure drawing, 40 minutes in (I upped the contrast a bunch to make the very light lines visible, that's why they look so ugly :D)

photostudy, around 2 hours

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