Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

aaaaand day 20

aaaaaah day 20. So weird that it's not even a month that I'm doing this, feels like such a long time haha :D
So yea as mentioned yesterday, I finished up the figure drawing. Please excuse the terrible shot. Right now I have only my phone to take pictures with and it just can't handle that office neonlight, also the pencil is reflecting quite a bunch. I will take a new shot tomorrow in daylight and update this post with it.
Anyways, this was a really cool exercise, I will defninitely do more of these. I think that when it comes to figure drawing studies with the studyfocus of learning how to draw figures from memory there is only the really really quick ones and the loooong ones that actually make sense. those 20 minute poses are all nice and well but I don't see the real point in doing those right now, it just leaves you with this strange inbetween stage of halfway finished, halfway still gesture.

As for todays portrait: maaaaaaan I'm really starting to fall in love with doing these, they teach me sooo much. As soon as you are able to detach yourself from the stupid goal of "photorealism" there is SOO much gold to be found in painting those, I love it! Furthermore painting that extreme low contrast natural light is SOOOOO AWESOME!! So much fun :D

On a general note I've been thinking quite a bit today about what all these studies are doing for me even after such a short time as those 20 days (and yea I think so much about that stuff during the day haha). It's interesting how the big general (maybe a biit subconcious) goal of everything I'm doing here is to slow down and really focus on what I'm doing, meaning focusing on every mark I put down on the paper. And although I still need to learn so much in that department I am starting to notice huge changes in the way I approch my work and how it actually comes together, I don't know it's just starting to feel better and better and somehow "more right" in the broadest sense. I guess slowing down and focusing gives one a feeling of control over the process which somehow leads to more self confidence in painting........I don't know something like that, enough ranting, I just love that shit so much and getting all those thoughts out is fun and interesting as well. See you tomorrow :D

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