Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Day 38

oooooooh new update neeeeeew sketchbook. Mmmmh started drawing in this brand new moleskine and yeaa you know how it is, the intention with every new sketchbook to make just every drawing in it fucking amazing, killing it on each page.
So yea for this page I actually plan once finishing one of those little portraits I've been doing for the last days, trying to figure out where I can go with pencil rendering. Those are so much fun  especially because drawing pretty girls is SOOOO not what I usually do in my personal work. But getting into it is really cool and slooowly but surely getting comfortable feels just great, really filling up those gaps in my "visual library" which almos exclusively has been filled with creepy medieval fantasy shit which is really fun and relevant for work as well but to be honest proooooooobably not where my "true" longterm interest lies when it comes to painting :)

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