Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

Day 37

Heya Folks! I hope everyone could recover from yesterdays huge rant. I for sure have been thinking a lot about it haha :D Also thanks for the really cool positive feedback everytime I type those huge posts out. I really love thinking and talking about this whole art thing and unfortunately I just don't have people around  in my life who I could go to with that filled brainz of mine, so it's really cool being able to unload everything on here and to see it being appreciated. So yea thanks guys :)

More heads going on here, not too much else to say about todays update. Still keeping those very simple and kinda minimalistic, focusing on proportions, which is hard enough by itself but it gets better and feels more and more fluent with every one of those. Real babysteps happening here but nonetheless they are steps in the right direction :)

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