Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Day 32

soo on it goes. More heads for today. I decided to take the lesson from yesterday a little further with the second study and basically handle this pencil drawing exactly like I would a painting (well as much as graphite as the medium actually allows for that) just meaning to go very much from general to specific, keeping everything pretty soft and adding hard edges and accents at the end. Now while I don't like the drawing as it came out I think that I found some nice things there as far as process is conerned, also the proportions came out pretty accurate while not having to sweat tooo much over it as I always do in pure linework. To be honest I am starting to have the suspicion that linework in general can be really deceiving when it comes to judge proportions and accurate placement. So even when you are copying a face from a photo, pure linework by default is so abstract and different from the look of the actual face that it is really hard to judge what's right and what's wrong in terms of proportion and especially likeness. Maybe I'm wrong there and I just suck too much right now, we'll see haha :D

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