Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013


WOHOOOOOOO fuck yes, done with the first month! MAAAN it really does feel waaaaay longer than this to be honest haha.
Since the first month is soome kind of  milestone I think it would be nice to sum it up a bit so far and see how it's going and what needs to happen in the future.
First off getting back in a study routine hitting those fundamentals is awesome, it benefits me so much more than I would have thought at the beginning, it's great. The most interesting thing about is that my goals were very "abstract" when I started, meaning that although I drew a lot of figures the goal was not really to get better at figure drawing, it was much more about the process of drawing and painting itself, trying to get more efficient, really thinking about what I was doing and avoiding every kind of "noodling" and getting caught up in guesswork. Same goes for the movie stills and portraits. it is aaaaaaaall about the painting process here not so much about individual subjects I want to learn.
So yea this has been going great I guess, I think I made quite some progress here so far, maybe not so much on the technical side but a lot when it comes to the process of making an image itself, and I do believe that this is my weak spot right now and I want to push it further.
It might sound weird but I guess the "endgoal" is basically this obscure thing of  "virtuosity", that aspect that makes the viewer of your work think that what you're doing is easy. That's what I ultimately want to get in my work and I think the only way to get there is by having the fundamentals of drawing down AND being able to express those in the most direct way. So yea this is where it's going and I just love it haha. Mostly because its a goal which seems so far away right now but the thought of "maan one day I will be able to be that" gets me so pumped, it's nuts :D

There is one downside to all this though, maybe it's bullshit, maybe it's not but I do think that I have noticed that my "creativity" is suffering a bit from studying so much. The problem seems to be that although my study routine is limited to 2-3 hours per day I catch myself always thinking about that stuff, figuring out what to do next, what went wrong, what went alright. In the end I don't seemt o be able to get a free head to actually just let it "flow" and create personal work that's just fun anymore. It seems that those two mindsets are very hard to maintain at the same time, your brain tends to get caught up with either one of these, it's either study mindset or creative mindset somehow.
Anyways I will figure out a way to make it work a little better for me :)

Today's update goes a little bit in the direction of that issue and maaaaybe it will work or I am just shooting myself a little bit in my own knee here, we will see.
The thing that I've been noticing in my pencil work is that it often times is veeeeeeery constructive, meaning with those portraits that I would basically start with that classical loomis construction and then put my portrait in there which seems to be a good idea but for some reason I am just never happy with the results when I do it that way. So what I want to try now is to leave this construction stuff out of my drawings entirely and try to figure it out in my head as I go along, being very mindful of those "rules" but not actually putting them down on the paper (haha kinda hard to explain). I drew todays portraits that way and I believe that they are better in every way compared to my previous ones. Sure there is still a bunch of wonkieness going on there which I need to figure out but in general I do believe that in the end they are better (nicer) drawings, also the likeness is muuch more there.
It's funny I already tried this with my digital ones, getting rid of drawing down any "construction" entirely  and it worked great in my opinion, it's cool to see that it does that in my pencils as well and that the endresult seems to be some kind of unification of drawing and paintingprocess, it all begins to become the same thing which is so interesting to see :)
Oh and I redrew yesterdays portrait, I just was way to unhappy with the result and felt I could do better. Still not happy with it but its better I think :D

So yea here's the update and a little collage of all the work done in the first month, on to month number 2 :)

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