Samstag, 2. November 2013


Welcome to my new study blog!

The idea for making this blog came to me after painfully realizing that my fundamental drawing skills are not where I want them to be at all after participating in the "daily Spitpaint" Group on Facebook, which is basically a Speedpainting group in which you pick on of the daily topics and create an imagine in a timeframe of  30 minutes.
After failing like crazy while seeing so many other members rocking those speedpaiting so hard I decided that I need to get back in some kind of daily study routine, reaaaally catching up with especially my drawing fundamentals. Getting away from sortakinda figuring stuff out while painting it to actually knowing my anatomy/perspective/lighting in order to improve my workflow.

This is what this blog is all about, not about being able to become decent at speedpainting but to get up to par with my fundamental drawing skills.

NOW why a whole new blog for this?
When you start to study something (not only art related) you usually SUCK............a lot. Well at least I do and to be honest I really really don't mind being bad at something I have just started to do, I honestly don't get frustrated by not being able to do something. I will do my best and eventually become good at it, that's just how that works.
The thing, however, is that in order to become good you need to do a lot of stuff that really sucks A LOT, and that's why I created a new blog for this, I simply want to keep my other blog, facebook and all other galleries "clean".
To be honest, my other galleries do also fulfill some kind of publicity role and I want to make sure that I get (and keep) known for my decent work, and not for flooding the internet with crappy studies.
Moreover I do believe that a lot of professional artist do not post their studies anymore for exactly the reason of being afraid to destroy their reputation as a "pro" (well either that or their stuff just really does look awesome all of the time and I am the only true untalented dude in the world :D) , which is sad to me because I really really like seeing studies and I also like seeing my artheroes having to struggle at painting :D

So enough wall of text. I will try to keep this daily, no matter what, and I wiiiiiiiill at some point try and do some livestreams.
If you do find your eyes hurting after scrolling through here please feel free to check out my other blog and portfolio and hopefully you will find some stuff that you like more :

NOW to get this started, here are todays anatomystudies. one thing I will be focusing on is anatomy, getting some efficiency into drawing dem bodies. I'm having a crazy hard time, many of them do suck, they do not look nice, that what it's all about guuuuys! Also this is not some kind of study "best of", that's not what this is supposed to be, you're going to see all of it! see you tomorrow  :-*

Oh and of course: if you do have some crit (exept for something around the line of "meh those don't look pretty"..........I swear to god I will find you and I will.....) drop it in the comments :)

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  1. Nice man! These are a good way to spot overall trends in mistakes too. I think you tend to make the shoulders a little broad on these ladies, and similarly the hips a little thin. Its tough too because its generally quite hard to make an attractive female form without using curved lines, but you also don't want it not to have any structure. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, keep it uo!

  2. thanks man! yeah definitely if anything these are great for spotting bad habits, especially if you time yourself! Yepp you're right about those shoulders, noticed that too and will keep an eye on it!