Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Day 2

OOH hey! So day two, next bunch of studies I did in the morning. Meh the scheduled 2 hours every day reaaaally aren't a long time but I'm afraid I wont be able to do more of it because of other personal work and clients. Maybe someday I can figure something out to get some more extra hours in.

So today more figures from reference. Focused on quick  poses which I will continue doing, and really try to nail the proportions and angles withing the first few minutes of a drawing. jeez doing this really brings out your bad habits right away, which is awesome, just what I wanted :)! I'm also trying to implement everything i get from these immediately into my personal work.
The things I need to pay the most attention right now are basically trying to make every mark count and avoid stupid scribbling and going light on those pencils, getting rid of the habit to get waaaay to heavy handed

Ah if you're interested to know which photos I am working from:
These are all shots from the photoarchives from Go check them out. The photos are really high res, so you can even zoom in and do studies of individual bodyparts, and they are only 10 bucks per set (containing around 400 highresphotos each). SO go there, pay the man, get your naked people photos and you will never have to do that tedious google image search through porn sites and end up getting sidetracked....every time......what?

THEEEEEEEEEEERE you go! jeez the first ones are SO BAD :D

See you tomorrooow, maybe with some digital ones, getting some shaaapes on :)

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