Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Day 26

uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggh ma head.

Alright todays studies fall a bit out of my plan for this and might seem kind of random, BUT it needs to be done!
So today I was starting a new personal Illustration and the whole thing is supposed to be drawn in three point perspective. Well I have done some of those already so when I started the sketch I did what I always do when it comes to perspective: I started bullshitting and eyeballing the entire thing. I do it every time, it consumes so much time energy getting it right and it always annoys the living crap out of me.
Now I'm done with this, once and for all, I am learning perspective. Period!
The thing about perspective is that it is actually pretty easy, there are a set of fixed rules and either you know them or you don't. And I just don't, untiiiiiiiiil today!!
So folks, not to much to show today but some little heads, a bunch of notes (which are not meant to be read by you, it's just proof that I did the work today haha) and two diagrams.
I am starting with this from the very beginning starting at one point, to two point, to three point. Today I got up to two point and after around 3 hours reading about it I think that I am about to pass out every moment, so I will save the three point for tomorrow.
But yea it's weird how nobody does that. It's so straight forward that all the relevant knowledge can be read  in an evening and if you are slow (like I tend myself to see) it will take you a week max to get it all in your brain and understand it.
I'm talking about knowing the theory here! Being actually able to CONSTRUCT the correct vanishing points and  draw some fancy boxes in a system that you fullycontrol. Painting an actual painting applying that knowledge is a whole other beast I think, but I will find out about that later (MAAAAAAAYBE everything will be ridiculously easy after I got all the rules........right.............right?)
One last thing about that stuff and what I am actually going for in those studies:
I think I don't have to many problems with perspective in general as I said I can bullshit a three point perspective pretty believably I think but the thing that just bothers me is that I had no idea how to actually construct those vinishing points correctly. So even if I am starting from the beginnings here this is not really a hardcore beginners course, it's more filling all the gaps in my knowledge up and get this chapter over with :D

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