Montag, 25. November 2013

Day 24

oooh a bit late today but todays update is a lot of fun....well at least for me :)
Soo yea todays study is a little bit different since it's technically not a study in the sense that I took a photo or a real life object and studied a certain aspect. This one is more a sequel to yesterday's update.
The reason for this is that I think that even in those simple studies I felt I have struck some points which I really need to dive into and explore a lot more. In order to do that for today I just took those "ideas" of brushwork, and especially scale of a central character on the canvas from yesterday and tried to apply them in a personal picture, simply taking a look on what worked and what didn't and most importantly seeing where I struggle the most when trying to apply them.

On a sidenote on how I study, which might work for you as well:
Everytime when I try to study something, no matter what, before I jump into the study I first paint a study from memory, without any initial input from reference or anything whatsoever, just to reveal the aspects of the subject which I struggle with the most. Based on this knowledge of my weaknesses I can tackle the actual photo/lifestudy and focus on my problems. It makes the study much more efficient oftentimes.

Now that's basically what I did for this one: taking the rough ideas I got yesterday and taking them into a personal picture just to see where I tend to fuck up or noodle around hoping for happy accidents, basically forcing myself into situations where I loose control over the piece.
This painting as it is now is not finished yet, I actually want to go ahead and really try to push this one to finish, just to experience the whole process. This kind of imagemaking is still very new for me but it is very much where I want to go with my future work. I've already discovered a bunch of humps and problems concerning the process and especially brushwork where I found myself being like "uuhh aaahh what am I supposed to do nooow" and then noodling myself back in :D
I will get into more detail talking about this picture tomorrow when it's finished and also talk about where I want to go from there to improve.
But yea all in all I think there are some cool and very interesting things happening here. I'm excited and pumped as hell :D

oh and yeaaaaaa I know that one reaks "jaime jones ripoff" I knooooooooow. Well what can I say, I love his stuff, his process is roughly where I want to go towards, so why not try out some of his ways and incoorperate maybe some of them in my own workflow in the future :) Learn from the best guys!!!

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