Freitag, 15. November 2013

Day 14


Seriously this is so cool, I love doing those studies!! Even if I don't improve crazy fast or anything they help me so much thinking differently when I do my personal work, I love it :)

BUT I've mentioned it a few times before, in order to get as much done as I want  I just need to put one hour more into these, so from now on 3 hours daily, maybe two in the mornings and one in the evening, it's just worth it and since I don't have a lot of client work these days I should spend my time well and actually get better while doing personal work.

Sou yea again figures and screenshot studies.
I think I will go back to draw a few quick figures before drawing some longer poses, rather than jumping directly into focused longer drawings. I feel that the first drawing is always incredibly wonky(especially today, busted those proportions so goddamn much :/ ), I might have to warm up with a few quickies beforehand hehe.

As for the screenshot studies I have to say that I think I'm on the right track with those, keeping them quick with the 30 minute limit really forces me to work big in order to get those done, there's just no time for stupid noodling, just clean and easy brushstrokes to get everything down as quickly as possible. STIIIIILL a long way to go but I'll get there.
Today I captured the process for both of the studies, so if you want to see me struggle with that motherfucking horse go ahead and watch it :D

See you tomorrow in week 3!!! (so pumped boy, SO PUMPED!!!)

timelapse: (click to watch in browser, to download the video rightklick on thge link and "save link as")

timelapse: (click to watch in browser, to download the video rightklick on thge link and "save link as")

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