Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Day 13

ooooooooh day 13. More studying :)
As mentioned, focusing a lot on  cleaning up my process with both my figuredrawings as well as the screencap studies.
I am a little happier with the screenshot studies than yesterday, the overall feel is just way more controlled, although I had to slow down quite a bit.
It's weird these are quite a bit less detailed and feel less "finished" but I believe that in the end they are the better paintings from a drawing point of view, they are more accurate. hahah kinda feels like saying  "the look worse but they are better" , I don't know, I am definitely a lot happier with the process, that's what I can say for sure let's see where this goes :D

Something I wanted to try for some time now was to make a little screencap video of my painting process, so because those studies are only 30 minutes I figured it might be a nice opportunity to record it and check out how my computer holds up and how complicated it is to actually use camtasia. It turns out that doing those is really easy and I can even paint while the programm is rendering so I think in the future I can get videos done of some paintings which might actually be wort recording :D The link for the video is right under the pictures
(click on the link to play the video in your browser or right klick on the link and choose "save link" to download it)

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