Montag, 11. November 2013

Day 10 mmmmhm double digits

ugh so tired , don't know what to wriiite.I haven't been drinking any coffee for the last three days and now that the headaches are slowly stopping the vooooooooooid comes and I feel incredibly tired all of the time. At this stage I normally gave up each time I tried to not drink coffee and started drinking it again but I am determined to push through this time and get rid of that stuff :D.

Anyways, trying to get more constructional with those figures because I noticed that in some areas I have been tempted to just copy the shapes rather than to understand the form. So yea gotta beat myself out of that.
Also I think I will switch the paper I am working on. maybe you noticed with some erlier photos where my hand is visible that those are pretty big and that I drew them on pretty rough paper which kills every attempt to get nice fluent looking lines. I did this on purpose to force myself to focus on construction and proportion basically taking away the possibility to make a "pretty" drawing. NOW, however, I would like to see something nice for a change so I'll change the paper and actually pay attention to linequality from now on :)

(yea she did twist her right leg in this insanely painful way :D )

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